🇮🇱 October 25, 2023 Update from Zion Oil & Gas: Sincere Appreciation

October 25, 2023


Dear Zion Shareholders and Supporters,

As we walk through these extraordinarily challenging times for Israel and the Jewish people, we at Zion Oil & Gas are thankful for the incredible support that surrounds both us and Israel. Your steadfast support and prayers are vital to advancing Israel's energy future, especially as energy independence becomes increasingly crucial.

We are also pleased to report that (at this writing) our staff, rig, and the entirety of our licensed exploration area remains safe. We are thankful for God’s protection, which we do not take for granted. We are moving forward as circumstances permit, strictly adhering to the guidelines and prescriptions set forth by the Israeli government to ensure the safety of our staff and the communities in which we operate. Our Israeli staff are continually in contact with the governing agencies, monitoring any additional precautions and/or requirements to move forward with our work plan.

Zion Oil & Gas's vision, which you play an integral part in, is about empowering Israel to stand strong against those who do not seek the best for Israel during this difficult time. Achieving energy independence for Israel isn't just a matter of national security; it's a key factor in ensuring the nation's freedom to make sovereign decisions about its future without undue pressure. We understand the significance of our shared work and are extremely thankful for your support for Israel and our mission.

Rob Dunn
CEO, Zion Oil & Gas