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Drilling for Israel’s Political and Economic Independence.

Inspired by Genesis 49:25-26 and Deuteronomy 33:13-16.

Zion is publicly traded on OTC: ZNOG.


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Jacob (Israel) to Joseph:
“And by the Almighty who will bless you with blessings of heaven above,
blessings of the deep that lies beneath…
They shall be on the head of Joseph…”

Genesis 49:25-26

“Blessed of the Lord is his land…
Let the blessing come on the head of Joseph…
Deuteronomy 33:13-16

Zion Oil & Gas Megiddo Valleys 434 License in Israel

Testimonials from our investors using the online direct stock purchase program (DSPP):

“Very Easy! So grateful for another opportunity to invest in Israel’s future.”
Heather – Elmira Heights, NY
“It was a very simple process. I completed it on my smart phone.”
Burma – Birmingham, AL
“Actually, it was quite easy, quick, and well explained.”
Eric – San Antonio, TX
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