🇮🇱 Update from Zion: Staff and Re-completion Site

October 11, 2023


Dear Zion Shareholders and Supporters,

As we move forward during these tumultuous times, our foremost priority at Zion Oil & Gas is the well-being of our staff in Israel. We want to update you that, by the grace of God, our team in Israel remains safe.

Additionally, we want you to know that the re-completion site within our Megiddo Valleys License is still secure.

Our thoughts and prayers are particularly with those members of our staff and their families who are serving bravely in the Israel Defense Forces. We believe in the power of prayer, especially during times like these, and we request that you join us in praying for their safety, strength, and God’s peace in the midst of duty.

In these moments, we are reminded of the profound words from our founder, John Brown, who wrote this in his vision booklet that founded Zion Oil & Gas:

"Through the centuries, the millennia, Israel has been and continues to be a tangible and visible target for dark spiritual forces which are directed against the living G-d himself. No one can touch God; but the individual Jew and the nation of Israel are within reach of those whose hatred is directed against God, and who would foil the fulfillment of His purposes and disrupt His plan for the people of His covenant and the nation of Israel.

"This hatred has been manifested time and again throughout the ages. To name only a sampling, there have been the crusades, the inquisition, the pogroms. In this century, we have seen the Holocaust, as well as the humiliation of, and later reneging on, numerous agreements regarding the land of promise. Since the re-establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, there have been many wars and many more terrorist attacks. Most recently, there has been the Gulf War with scud missiles, threatening chemical mayhem. Then there was, and continues to be, the forced pressure of the ‘peace’ negotiations and calls of “land for peace” – despite the fact that Israel is the only nation on Earth that was created by a sovereign act of God (Genesis 15) and whose borders are defined by God (Numbers 34:1-12)."

We encourage you to take a moment and reread the original vision booklet by Zion’s founder, John Brown – CLICK HERE.

These reflections underscore the trials that the nation of Israel and its people have endured and the unyielding resilience they've demonstrated in the face of adversity. It's this spirit that guides our resolve here at Zion Oil & Gas as we continue our mission, anchored in faith and driven by HIS Vision for The Oil of Israel.

We thank you for standing with us, for your prayers, and for your unwavering support during these critical times. Your faithfulness strengthens Israel and affirms our commitment to move forward as God directs.

Your continued support and prayers are immensely appreciated. Thank you.

Rob Dunn
CEO, Zion Oil & Gas