Zion Oil & Gas Operations Update from Israel as of February 16, 2022

February 16, 2022
Update: MJ02 In Israel

Dear Zion Supporters and Shareholders,

2022 has kicked off to a fast and exciting start for Zion and its operations team as we prepare to continue developing and testing the MJ-02 well.

We are pleased to announce that all necessary services for completing the well, along with enhancement and reservoir testing, have been secured.

Zion has partnered with some of the leading Petro physicists and stimulation experts in the United States to plan the next phase of the operation.

As Zion continues to navigate manufacturing and logistical delays, the plan is to resume operations in quarter one.

These operations will start with necessary re-certifications and inspection of the rig while also upgrading critical systems that will benefit this operation and allow for enhanced drilling operations in the future.

Upon completing the inspections, upgrades, and rigging up, the crew will complete the final casing and tubular run before moving on to the enhancement and reservoir testing phase.

We continually give thanks to God and our loyal shareholders and supporters who make all this possible.

We will continue to provide material updates when we have relevant information to share with the public.


Rob Dunn

Zion Oil & Gas Drilling Rig Night