Zion Oil & Gas Operational Update – November 12, 2020

Dear Zion Oil & Gas Supporters and Shareholders,


We are happy to advise you that the vessel carrying Zion’s rig has docked in Haifa, Israel at 10:18am CST (6:18pm Israel).

BBC Bangkok Container Vessel Loaded with Zion Oil & Gas Rig and Equipment

The latest for the rig and other operations:

  • The vessel, “BBC Bangkok,” has arrived in Israel and has docked as of November 12. The first of 85 loads are expected to arrive at our drilling site on November 15 since deliveries of equipment are not allowed during Shabbat.
  • Our experienced rig crew has been released from quarantine and is preparing for the arrival of the rig and equipment. Assembly of the rig will begin as the deliveries arrive.
  • The crew has undergone an intensive Israeli-required safety training course designed to educate each employee on working with and moving heavy equipment, as well as working from heights.
  • We have worked with Israel’s water authority and have set up proper water safety protocols throughout the drilling operation.
  • We expect to spud the Megiddo-Jezreel #2 well at our current well location near Bet She’an by early to mid-December 2020.

We are thankful for all our supporters and shareholders who have prayed for this moment and we are excited for the days ahead.


Rob Dunn
Zion Oil & Gas

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