Final Day of Latest Unit Program & Highlights from Annual Meeting

June 14, 2023: Final Day of Latest Unit Program & Highlights from Annual Meeting


Dear Zion Shareholders and Supporters,

We thank you for your ongoing faith in our mission. We want all our supporters and shareholders to know we will be ending the current Unit Program tomorrow, Thursday, June 15, 2023.

As a reminder, here are the details of the Unit Program:

  • Each Unit is available for $250, providing investors with stock purchased at the day’s high-low average price and 200 $0.25 Warrants.
  • For investors who participate in Zion’s automatic monthly investments (AMI) and purchase a Unit, they will receive an additional one-time offering of 300 $0.25 Warrants. Please note, this bonus is also open to our current participants in the AMI.
  • To participate, please visit our website.

We also want to take this opportunity to share a few the key takeaways from our recent annual meeting. Here are seven significant points that cover operational, licensing, and geological aspects:

  1. We are working on reentering the Megiddo-Jezreel #1 well (MJ-01), where new technologies and data will be implemented with the aim of having a producing well.
  2. Our team is focused on using new stimulation methods for MJ-01, anticipating improved flow probability in several key zones.
  3. We are making significant strides in finalizing plans with service providers and contractors, with our operations team diligently finalizing the reentry plans for the MJ-01 well.
  4. A reminder that a key component is that we own our own rig and are precuring many ancillary items that strengthen our operational capability.
  5. We have completed meetings with service providers, receiving pricing estimates to facilitate budgeting and future planning.
  6. We anticipate hitting the ground running, assuming we receive approval from the ministry in Q3.
  7. Our future plans include additional exploration projects.

You may watch our Annual Meeting of Stockholder HERE.

We believe these developments put us in an excellent position for our operations, further our exploration efforts, and, ultimately, deliver value to our dedicated investors.

As always, we sincerely appreciate your support and are committed to keeping you informed of all significant developments.



Rob Dunn