Zion’s DSPP – Warrant

New and current shareholders alike often wonder, What is a Warrant?

A Warrant is an option shareholders have to purchase common stock for a fixed price during a set timeframe.

Facts about Warrants:

  • Each warrant has the potential to become a share of common stock, meaning one warrant can be exercised (an investing term for ‘use’ or ‘redeem’) for one share of common stock, 1 to 1 ratio.
  • The fixed price and unique time frame varies depending upon the unit option.
  • Each warrant is recognized by a different symbol. (i.e. ZNWAA, ZNWAC, ZNWAD, ZNWAE, ZNWAF, etc.)

What are the advantages/disadvantages of purchasing Warrants? We suggest you speak with your financial advisor when determining whether or not purchasing a unit option is best for you.

The fixed price of the Warrant does Not change despite fluctuations in our common stock price.

Because Warrants have a set time frame, they do have an expiration date.

Looking to exercise your warrants?

Zion’s DSPP series seeks to answer common shareholder questions about our Direct Stock Purchase Plan and the terminology regularly used by Zion Oil and  the Zion Oil staff.