Potentially Game-Changing Oil Discovery In Israel?

Shareholders and Supporters of Zion Oil & Gas, we ask that you continue in prayer for Israel’s security needs during this difficult time – (1) her physical security and (2) her energy security. (Psalm 126:6)

We at Zion Oil & Gas are excited about the strong interest toward oil exploration in Israel and the possibility of a significant onshore oil discovery in Israel.

We expressed our initial thoughts in an email newsletter that we sent last week concerning Afek Oil & Gas’ ongoing work in the Golan Heights.

Here are highlights found in key news sources:

The Rush Limbaugh Show – Could Oil In Israel Change The Middle East?
(From the Rush Limbaugh radio show on October 9, 2015)


RUSH: . . . you can see Syria. You can see Jordan. You can see every one of these threatening regions from the Golan. Beautiful place, by the way. And they tell you how vulnerable they are as a result of this. So oil up there, well, that’s just gonna increase the dispute. So I see your point. You think Putin, given the weakness of the US and the resolve of Obama to basically abandon the region, is gonna leave it wide open for Putin to go in and claim it from Israel. And, without US support, Israel is not gonna have much of a defense against an onslaught of Putin.

I would never underestimate the Israelis. But I have to admit, you caught me short on this. I still don’t know how much oil we’re talking about, and I’m gonna have to — I think Joel Rosenberg wrote a big novel about this that I read. It was a significant find. Do you know off the top of your head, Ryan, how big this find is, how they’re describing it?

CALLER: What I heard, it was like 350 meters of strata that they found of it. They’re saying it was a significant find, well over a hundred times anything that they found in the Middle East before.

RUSH: (laughing) A hundred times more?


RUSH: Now, a hundred times more than —

CALLER: Because I was looking at the UK Daily Mail earlier and —

RUSH: Well, what I’ve got here is that there’s “an Israeli subsidiary of the U.S. company Genie Energy, confirmed the find in an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 TV, but conceded that until the oil is actually extracted, they won’t be sure of the actual amounts and quality of the oil that has been discovered.”

So the amount is unknown. Well, if it’s a big find, if it’s enough of a find, it’s a game-changer is the bottom line. But without knowing any more than that, don’t know how much. One thing it is going to do is turn Israel into an even bigger target now, in terms of getting them off the land, wiping them off, marching them into the Mediterranean. The Palestinians are gonna be right in there, “It’s ours, it’s ours, it’s ours,” so forth. I’m sorry to be caught short on this, folks. I literally did not know about this. I thought this was a story in a novel.


RUSH: The oil discovery in Israel, it is said to be that it could be huge. I’ve had a chance to read a little bit. Depending on how deep it is, the layers, it could be a gigantic find. This is what the UK Daily Mail is saying. So, if all that’s true, and we won’t know for a while, there’s no question it’s a game-changer. But it’s just gonna focus enemies on Israel even more. That’s the last thing anybody wants in that region is for Israel to become even more empowered. So the claim will be it isn’t Israel’s, it’s Syria’s or whatever, you watch. They’re just not gonna sit by and let this happen.

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Fox News – Potentially game-changing oil reserves discovered in Israel

HAIFA, Israel – After Israel complained for years that it was surrounded by oil-rich states but didn’t have a drop within its own borders, it appears there’s a big-time turnaround with the announcement Wednesday that massive oil reserves have been located in the Golan Heights,close to the country’s border with Syria.

Afek Oil and Gas, an Israeli subsidiary of the U.S. company Genie Energy, confirmed the find in an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 TVbut conceded that until the oil is actually extracted, they won’t be sure of the actual amounts and quality of the oil that has been discovered.

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Discovery of oil in ISRAEL means the Jewish state could soon produce ‘significant quantities’ of ‘black gold’… and potentially change the face of the Middle East
Vast oil reserves have been discovered in Israel that could transform the country into world energy power and change the face of the Middle East for years to come…

Genie Confirms Report of Possible Big Golan Oil Find
“Preliminary evidence from the exploratory wells drilled by its Afek subsidiary in Northern Israel confirms the existence of significant quantities of oil …

Genie Energy confirms finding significant hydrocarbon resource in Northern Israel
Genie Energy reports that, consistent with its prior public …

We also thought it might be interesting for you to read what Joel Rosenberg has written about this potential discovery and how it may fit into biblical prophecy:

Israel makes massive discovery of oil in the Golan Heights.
(Central Israel) — It has been a dramatic month here in Israel, and we’re only eleven days in.