Israel's stability and survival


The economic and political stability of Israel, indeed, its very survival is at stake not in any small measure because of its dependence on imported oil and gas.

The desire to free Israel of such dependence has opened up unexplored areas of Israel and, today, more sophisticated exploration and drilling techniques than previously used are being utilized to assess the oil potential of those areas.

Oil field in the Middle EastThe State of Israel lies in the heart of the Middle East and is surrounded by areas in neighboring Arab countries which contain the world’s largest oil fields.

These oil fields are the blessings and posterity which God had promised Abraham also for his son Ishmael in (Genesis 17:18-20) and by Isaac’s blessing also of his son Esau in (Genesis 27:38-39).

The genealogies of Ishmael (Genesis 25:12-18) and Esau (Genesis 36) show that their descendants became the inhabitants of modern day Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries from Egypt to Iraq, Jordan to Yemen.

The State of Israel, as a member of the free world and as the only true, stable democracy in the Middle East, strives to find oil to remain independent from outside political pressures.

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This is an excerpt from The Oil of Israel, Zion’s Founder & Chairman, John Brown’s book highlighting his vision for finding oil and gas in Israel. Get The Oil of Israel and Zion’s FREE information pack by clicking HEREFree Information Pack