News Briefs for the Zion Oil & Gas Family – September 17, 2015

Zion Oil & Gas, Inc. brings you a roundup of latest news related to oil and gas in Israel and other important news that we believe Zion Oil investors and supporters would appreciate.

Noble Energy: How The Future Of Leviathan Is Looking After These Major Developments
Meanwhile, Egypt, which was supposed to be the biggest buyer of Leviathan gas, might not need it at all. Despite the vote from Israeli parliament, the …

UN watchdog votes down resolution on Israeli nuclear program
Jerusalem successfully thwarts Egyptian proposal calling on country to join NPT, allow inspection of atomic sites…

Senate blocks attempt to tie Iran deal to Israel, prisoners
Senate Democrats on Thursday beat back a Republican attempt to tie a vote on the nuclear deal with Iran to a requirement that the rogue nation …

Israel and Australia to negotiate tax treaty
There is no tax treaty between Australia and Israel, but the lack will soon be made … Welcoming the announcement, Australian Ambassador to Israel Dave … financial services, energy, oil and gas, and health and pharmaceuticals.”.

Christian group blasts rabbinate’s call to boycott its pro-Israel meet
Chief rabbis said annual conference organized by International Christian Embassy Jerusalem was ‘spiritually dangerous’ to Jews