Jerusalem Post Article – Oil Brings Us to a Better Place

Dear friends of Zion,

This article explains part of the problems and some of the reasons that have caused Zion to be somewhat inactive during these past several years because Israel has been re-writing new Petroleum Laws. As you know, we are now awaiting the approval of our new license application for the Jezreel/Megiddo area and after we receive that approval we will immediately begin the application process for a Drilling Permit. Our new well to be drilled on our license will hopefully be designated as Megiddo #1 which will be located on the Biblical Tribe of Manasseh; for he was the first born of Joseph (Joshua 17: 1, 11) and (1 Chronicles 5: 1, 2).

I personally believe that because Ephraim has already been blessed with oil, that Zion will be next to find oil on the head of Joseph (Deuteronomy 33: 13-16) and on the Tribe of Manasseh. We are hopefully (?) “by faith” going to drill our next well on Manasseh (Hebrews 11: 21). However, I do not speak as a Geo-Scientist or as a Geologist but only as an individual who believes 100 % in the Bible. The Bible says that there is oil on the head of Joseph and we are going to keep on drilling wells until we find it (Romans 10: 17).

Nevertheless, when the Son of man cometh;
Shall he find Faith on the earth?” (Luke 18: 8)






John M. Brown
Zion Oil & Gas, Inc.