Go Forward – John Brown

To: Zion’s Family & Friends

Subject: “Go Forward” (Exodus 14:15)

It’s my opinion, and personal belief that God, through a series of divine appointments and consequences ( Bershert), has directed Zion to apply for our new Megiddo/ Jezreel license. I also happen to believe  that everything seems to fit scripturally and that our new well to be drilled ( Megiddo #1) hopefully will be the beginning of our blessing in Israel that we have all been waiting for to happen-to fulfill. (Deuteronomy 33:13-16)

I have “By Faith” followed God for the past 30 years in The Vision that He gave me for Israel (Jeremiah 23: 28,29). And I have written it as I believe He instructed me in (Habakkuk 2:2,3) and  some of you still by Faith believe  as I do, but for some, because of  their doubt and unbelief, and the various test and trials of “Faith” which were too  long for them, have now questioned Zion’s  vision because we haven’t produced any oil yet. In other words, they haven’t seen it happen yet so they really aren’t sure any more or maybe now don’t believe it will ever happen. (Proverbs 29:18) If you spend any time in the Bible it is no mystery that God requires us to have faith while we learn to wait and believe in Him that what He promises He will always do. (Psalm 119:89)

I have sent you two new Biblical maps to view and I want the entire world to know that I am “By Faith” going to pursue this vision until we succeed, and without fail, recover all. (1 Samuel 30:6-8) However, If some people still want to doubt and question our sincerity or The Vision because of the lack of success thus far then that is up to them. (Exodus 17:7) But I’m not at all discouraged and I’m going forward. “By Faith” (Isaiah 48:15-17)

I also do not happen to believe that after all the time and money we have invested in Israel/over 100 million dollars so far that God will not honor His word and “Bless us” as He promised  in (Genesis 12:3) because it’s impossible for Him not to keep all that He promises. (Isaiah 55:11)

Please do not misunderstand this up date; this is not my way of trying to convince you to believe God’s promise or make you feel guilty about not believing in Zion. Because God has, and always will, provide for Zion everything that we need to drill our next well(s) in Israel. (Mark 11:22-24)

Nevertheless, you need to know that a lack of faith and unbelief in The Bible does not please God. (Hebrews 11:6)  i.e. A lot of us have prayed for our family and salvation, for revival of our country, and repentance (2 Chronicles 7:14,15) so do we really believe that He will only answer this prayer to forgive our sins, and heal our land- but we don’t believe that He will keep (2 Chronicles 6:32,33) or all of  His other promises that He has  made to us in the other 66 Books of The Bible?”  (Proverbs 30:5)  God calls this being double minded. (James 1:3-8)

So, please continue to pray for Israel and Zion as we “Go forward” to fulfill the vision that I believe God has given us for Israel. A word of caution to all who continually watch the stock market:  The actual price of our shares may not increase dramatically until we actually find and produce oil. Also, Zion has never promised anyone a short-term return on their investment and any oil company’s stock only has real value as to how much oil they find, produce, and sell. However, we are a “faith” based company, which was founded only on scriptures, and we expect to see our “faith” in His promises about “The Oil of Israel” come to pass.  (Hebrews 11:21) After all, we are taught in scripture that the worlds were formed by word of God. (Genesis 1:1) (Hebrews 11:3) So, why then shouldn’t we believe all the other verses in The Bible? (Hosea 8:12)

“May the Lord, who made heaven and earth, bless you from Zion”
(Psalm 134:3)

John Brown