FAQs – $250 Unit Program

Note: This program has ended.


250 Unit Program

What is the UNIT Program?
Each $250 UNIT gives you $250 in ZN Stock and 25 $1 Warrants.


How may I participate?
Via zionoil.com/dspp or regular postal mail only.


Until when?
Wednesday, July 12, 2017.


When can I exercise these WARRANTS?
From August 14, 2017 to August 14, 2020.


What is a WARRANT?
A WARRANT is a security interest that locks in a particular purchase price for our Common Stock, during a specific time period.

What kind of Warrant is a part of this $250 Program?
Each WARRANT can be exercised to buy one share of Common Stock for $1.00:
Each WARRANT + $1.00 = ANOTHER SHARE OF COMMON STOCK. WARRANTS are not sold individually but are only available via unit programs obtained directly through Zion and cannot be purchased through a broker.

When is the last moment I may invest online?
You may invest until 11:59 pm, July 12, in your time zone.

Will you accept my investment if postmarked on July 12, 2017?
Yes, we will accept your enrollment and payment if sent by July 12, 2017.

Am I able to wire in my payment?
Yes, you may. CLICK HERE for wiring instructions to be sent to you. Remember, all new investors in the DSPP also need to be sure to send in their enrollment form. CLICK HERE for an enrollment form.

After I submit my enrollment form and/or payment, how long will it take to set up my account?
It will take up to 14 days for our transfer agent, AST Financial, to set up your account and/or issue your shares and warrants.

When may I expect to get my AST # (Account Number)?
You may expect to receive your AST # a few days after your account has been set up. You will receive it by mail a week or two following. Total time from when you enrolled in our DSPP may take up to 30 days.

What if I’ve already invested, I want to invest more, but don’t have my account number yet?
Go through the online form as a “current investor” and put in ten “0’s” where it asks for your AST account number.
Example – 0000000000 (We will connect you to the investment manually after you invest.)

May I invest over the phone?
No, you may not invest over the phone. It must be online or via mail.

After investing online, when can I expect to see the funds taken out of my bank account?
You may expect the funds to come out of your account in 24 to 48 hours.

Does this mean the Warrants I have purchased before are expiring on July 12?
No, this is a new program and new Warrants.

What is my purchase price?
Your purchase price will the be the high-low average of the day we receive your funds.
(If you wire in your payment, it is the day we receive it if before 12 pm EST. If after 12 pm, then it will apply to the high-low average the following business day.)


Please note that while we want to assist everyone that contacts Zion Oil directly, because of high volume we may not be able to immediately respond personally to individual inquiries by phone or email.

Please feel free to discuss your questions with an independent financial advisor as well.