Egypt crisis and oil, gas

Egypt in Crisis

Many do not realize the role that oil and gas has played in the current unrest in Egypt.

A little history: During the 6 day war with Israel in 1967, Israel captured the Sinai peninsula. Years following, Israel developed oil and gas in the area and this became a major part of the peace negotiations between Egypt and Israel in 1979. A part of those negotiations were the continual supplying of oil and gas to Israel from that area.

Much of that changed with the election of Morsi (Egypt’s current and threatened President) when they reneged their commitment to supply Israel with gas. (Of course, this is less of an issue now that Israel has found their own gas offshore and will export as much as 40%!)

Today we see an interesting turn of events where Egypt disregarded their agreements with Israel concerning energy and now Egypt’s Morsi is on a collision course with Egypt’s military.

For those with Biblical insight, you see Genesis 12:3 playing out before your eyes. Please continue to pray that Israel might be able to find large domestic sources of oil.

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