Zion’s Website Security

Have you wondered if Zion’s website is secure?

We take your privacy very seriously.

It is our intention to provide a safe and secure website in which investors may purchase stock directly from Zion while never compromising their personal account information. We strive to keep the investment process simple and worry-free. If you do not see the padlock symbol, that is not necessarily a reason to worry.

Certain browsers display security information differently. Whenever you see “https” before a web address, it signifies that the site is secure. The “s” refers to the secure sockets layer (or SSL) where information is sent between your web browser and our website. Simply put, it means that the information is encrypted.

Below are some screenshots of our website on a few commonly used Internet browsers (note the padlock symbol and https in the web address):

Google Chrome


Internet Explorer


Mozilla Firefox




Are you safe at home?

It is always a good idea to be sure that your computer is protected against spyware and viruses. Double check that your anti-virus protection is active.

If you still are not 100% comfortable providing your information online, feel free to print our enrollment form and mail it to us instead. The main concern with this option is the possibility of your form and check being lost in the mail, so please keep that in mind. We want you feel confident that your information will be kept private, so you can choose the option that best suits you.

We value our shareholders, and want to create lasting, positive relationships. You should feel at ease about your investment decision, not apprehensive due to security issues.

What are your thoughts? Questions? Please let us know in the comment section below.