Will Israel become the wealthiest nation in the Mideast?


This was the title of Joel Richardson’s article on February 6, 2013. But, we wanted to highlight some of his points and then bring to focus what we are currently doing at Zion Oil & Gas, Inc.

Israel’s coming oil wealth

There has been a lot of attention toward the natural gas finds offshore (in the Mediterranean sea). This has not been where Zion Oil has been exploring and we are not a part of that endeavor. We are an on-shore exploration company in Israel. Why? We have followed the vision to explore for oil & gas on the “Head of Joseph” since 1981 (Genesis 49:1-2 and 22-26). While we do not believe we will be the only player, we do see that God will show us in His time.

We do believe that we will be a part of what God will do to bless Israel by giving them energy independence.

 Zion Oil is not fracking at this time

While there is much potential for Israel’s oil-shale, we are not doing this. We follow the science and exploration to find oil deposits through the best methods for the area we are drilling. We listen to our geological team and consultants to ensure the best exploration potential possible.

 Zion Oil is considered ‘Wildcat Drilling’

Our work in Israel is considered ‘wildcat‘ drilling due to the very few exploration wells that have been drilled. We know the risks. We know that there are obstacles to overcome. But, we also know that God has given Zion a vision and the means to continue. We also know the appointed time has already been set by God. So, we continue in faith and listen to the talents of our geoscience team.


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