Q&A Part 2 w/ Lee Russell, Chief Geoscience Consultant


What’s your background in your field? And how long have you worked for Zion Oil and Gas?


Behind The Science LEE: I’ve been in the oil industry for the last 35 years. I did a Masters and PhD in Geology and Geophysics at Texas Tech. Then, I went to work at the Shell Oil Research lab in Houston starting in 1977 doing structure and tectonics research and Rocky Mountain exploration through 1984.

I changed positions and moved to the Dallas area and worked for Arco for 16 years in Petroleum Systems Research and International Exploration. BP bought out Arco in 2000 and I went out on my own in 2000.

Since then, I’ve been doing lots of consulting work around the world in places like East and West Africa, China, Gulf of Mexico, Algeria, and other places. I also had a project of my own in Mozambique, and recently I’ve been participating in a project in New Mexico on a Cretaceous oil prone shale.

I’ve been with Zion for the last 16 months.


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