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Q: Why, after approximately 30 years and $140 million dollars invested in oil exploration in Israel, is there still no discovery yet on ‘The Head of Joseph’ (Manasseh)? Do you still believe that there is oil in Israel and that it is God’s will for Zion to discover this oil?

A: Yes, I do believe—because, “Faith is not just believing God can; it is knowing that God will.”
(Heb. 11:1) And I also believe that God will eventually bless Zion and its shareholders; because of our Faith in His promises and our financial investment in both money and time in Israel. Why? Because in (Gen. 12:2,3) He has promised that, “and I will bless them; that bless Thee” and it is written;

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…” (Eccl. 3:1)

Indeed, oil and gas has already been found in Israel, both offshore and onshore, and this is in accord with the Bible. In (Deut. 8:9) it is written, “The land will not lack anything in it”, and that has come to pass in (Gen. 49:25,26) and because Jacob said that it would happen in the last days and it has. (Gen. 49:1)

The facts follow:

  • “Givot Olam has been exploring in Israel for oil and gas since 1992. Following the discovery of the Meged Oil Field, in 2004, the Israeli Government granted the Company a production lease.”

  • “Givot Olam is the first and only oil and gas exploration firm to have discovered substantial commercial quantities of oil onshore Israel in the past 50 years.”

    Source: Givot Olam Oil, Ltd website:

  • “The Meged Oil Field is an Israeli oil field that was discovered in 2004. It is one of the biggest on-shore oil fields in Israel. It began production in 2010 and produces oil as well as some natural gas.”

    Source: Meged Oil Field-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  • “An Israeli oil company, founded with the blessings of the Rebbe, has reported that it will soon produce nearly a tenth of Israel’s total oil consumption. According to investors, starting next week, the company will produce between 800 and 1,000 barrels of oil every day.”

    Blessings Materialize: Oil Production in Israel, By David Yisraeli, Chabad Info June 10, 2011

  • Ephraim has already been blessed with finding oil. So, I believe the prophecies about Joseph’s land have partially came to pass. Givot Olam is currently producing commercial quantities of oil from their Meged #5 well within the ancient tribal land of Ephraim! Tovia Luskin, an Orthodox Jew, received a blessing from the Rebbe and was using the same scriptures I had been given in (Deut. 33:13-16) and the blessing of the firstborn was given to the sons of Joseph (I Chron. 5:1,2) and Ephraim was to be blessed first before Manasseh and now I believe that has happened! (Gen. 48:20)

  • Zion currently has two licenses on Manasseh (on ‘The Head of Joseph’), so I believe that we are next or will soon find a massive oil field onshore. This will fulfill the prophecies by both Jacob and Moses, about Joseph’s blessings on Manasseh (Gen. 49:26) (Deut. 33:13-16) and the Tribe of Asher will dip his foot in oil. (Deut. 33:24) (see biblical map)

  • Several world class offshore gas fields have also now been discovered by Noble Energy, ( off of Israel’s coast and I believe have also fulfilled these prophecies in both (Deut. 33:19) and in (Isa. 60:5) which I was given in May of 1983 in Israel.

Q: Does the Israel petroleum sector have interest in strengthening ties with top U.S. energy producing states like Texas?

A: Absolutely.

  • Israel’s Energy and Water Minister Uzi Landau, visiting the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas, said that “We are here also to make our case that Israel is a place that is attractive for [oil and gas] exploration and production.”

    Source: Making Israel Natural Gas Attractive – in Texas, Jerusalem Post, May 2, 2012

  • Israel’s Energy and Water Minister Uzi Landau was also quoted as saying: “This is a revolution as far as Israel is concerned … We have in place for the next 60 to 70 years what we need.”

    Source: OTC: Noble Energy’s finds may drive economic change in Middle East, business blog by Lorren Steffy

Q: Do you currently have the drilling equipment in Israel to drill the next wells?

A: See Jacob Luxenburg’s (the Chairman/Owner of Lapidoth) April 25, 2012, interview with Richard Rinberg (our CEO) on Zion’s website under Media Center. Lapidoth commits to fully support Zion’s drilling program in Israel. In June 2012, Zion signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Lapidoth, a forerunner of onshore oil prospecting in Israel.

Q: Do the Hebrew Scriptures confirm what you say about Israel’s oil potential?

A: Jacob’s Blessing—Three views of the literal and prophetic interpretations is an in depth scriptural analysis of the scriptures related to Israel’s oil. This book is available free in e-book format here:’s-Blessing-Study-R1.pdf

Q: What are Zion’s interests and involvement in the Heletz Field all about and what ever happened to the concept of creating Zion Drilling?

A: In our last newsletter dated May 1, 2012, the Heletz Field was again mentioned. Our interest in this area has resulted in our discussions with Lapidoth and others about the future possibility of a joint venture, in either the Heletz Field or the creation of Zion Drilling. I want to clearly state and emphasize, that these are only preliminary discussions in the earliest stages. If and when anything does develop in either of these areas, then we will formally announce it in the proper and legal manner to our shareholders as required by the SEC. Until then, it is not final—it is only a possibility and not a promise!

Q: Does Israel have any onshore shale deposits that have potential to produce oil?

A: Yes! According to the Geological Survey of Israel: “Significant reserves of oil shales have been discovered in Israel. Resources of these organic-enriched and marly chalks in the Mishor Rotem area, for example, are estimated to total several billion tons”

Source: Geological Survey of Israel website:

In addition, see the following excerpts from past news releases:

  • “Within a few years, Israel will become one the largest producers of oil and gas in the world.” That is the belief of Dr. Harold Vinegar, who until three years ago was Chief Scientist, Physics; of energy giant Royal Dutch Shell. Talking to “Globes”, Vinegar says that he estimates that exploration for gas will yield impressive results, but that Israel’s true future lies in oil. He believes that the chances of finding regular oil are not high, but that huge quantities of oil shale will make it possible to produce oil in quantities approaching the production of Saudi Arabia.

    ‘Thar’s Oil in Them Thar Israeli Rocks’; Globes [online], Israel Business News – – on September 26, 2011

  • “Israel Energy Initiatives, where Dr. Vinegar is chief scientist, is working on projects to extract oil and natural gas from oil shale from … the Shfela Basin, to the south and west of Jerusalem.” According to Dr. Vinegar, Israel has the second-biggest oil shale deposits in the world, outside the US: “We estimate that there is the equivalent of 250 billion barrels of oil here. To put that in context, there are proven reserves of 260 billion barrels of oil in Saudi Arabia.”

    ‘Oil Shale Reserves can Turn Israel into Major World Producer’; The Times—March 21, 2011

  • IEI, a branch of U.S. telecom company IDT, is trying a new technique to extract oil from Israel’s huge oil shale deposits

    ‘Looking for an Oil Boom in Israel’s Napa Valley’; Bloomberg Business Week—June 2, 2011

  • “The Jewish state has 250 billion barrels of oil shale.”

    ‘Could Israel Become an Energy Giant?’ Wall Street Journal —April 5, 2011

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