Oil in Israel: Top 10 Pivotal Facts

It is incredibly important why a domestic source of oil production on shore in Israel exists in the future. Here are the top 10 reasons we believe Israel needs Zion Oil & Gas, Inc. and other companies to find oil in Israel:

Oil in Israel: Top 10 Pivotal Facts


Israel in the midst of hostile Arab/Muslim nations.

1. A domestic supply of oil in Israel is a vitally important resource to protect Israel’s strategic and financial security.


Israeli F-16 Fighter Jet

2. An Israeli fighter jet requires 40 barrels of oil for one flight.

Oil tanker

Oil tanker

3. Israel would be free from international pressure using oil imports as leverage if a sizable domestic source could be discovered.

Global Oil Production

Global Oil Production 2013-2014

4. Israel produces only a couple thousand barrels of oil a day, which means it relies on the global market for more than 99 percent of its consumption.


Oil Pipelines from Russia and “-stans”.

5. Over the past 25 years, significant fuel imports have come from Angola, Colombia, Mexico, Egypt, and Norway. In more recent times, the Israelis have turned to Russia, Kazakhstan, and some of the other -stans for the bulk of their oil. In 2015 – 2016, most of Israel’s oil is supplied from the volatile Kurdish region.

1973 oil crisis gas lines.

1973 oil crisis gas lines.

6. Israel has long sought a local source of oil, especially since the oil crisis of 1973. Having a nearby supplier would increase Israel’s energy security and reduce the cost of its imports.

Trans-Israel Pipeline (TIPline)

Trans-Israel Pipeline (TIPline)

7. Iran filled that need for a while: Starting in 1968, the Israelis used a pipe called the Trans-Israel Pipeline (TIPline) to import Iranian oil from the Red Sea. But the shah was overthrown in 1979, and Iran shut off the tap. (Recently, Israel let the Russians use the TIPline to pump oil in the opposite direction.)


Israeli capture of Sinai Peninsula during the 6-day war.

8.The Israelis gained access to another local source when they took control of Egyptian oil fields in Sinai after the Six-Day War. When Israel agreed to return the fields in 1979, they wanted broad assurances about their access to oil imports. Recent events in Egypt have limited imports.


Iraqi oil industry in 1953.

9. In the lead-up to the war in Iraq, there was some talk of restarting an abandoned pipeline that runs from Mosul, Iraq, to Haifa. In order for this to happen, Israel would need to somehow wrangle the support of the Syrians, since they control part of the route. The current civil war in Syria reinforces an already unlikely opportunity.

2012 World Oil Reserves

2012 World Oil Reserves

10. Israel’s proved reserves of oil are at 11.5 million barrels and its proved reserves of natural gas are at 10.1 trillion cubic feet (Tcf). While neither figure places Israel in the top-40 globally, these totals are significantly higher than they were a few years ago.

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