News Briefs for the Zion Oil & Gas Family – September 14, 2015

Zion Oil & Gas, Inc. brings you a roundup of latest news related to oil and gas in Israel and other important news that we believe Zion Oil investors and supporters would appreciate.

Bill ending oil embargo gaining momentum in US House
Mike Conaway has filled a bill calling for an end to the ban on crude oil exports. … Israel is threatened, and obviously the United States is threatened.

Lifting Oil Export Ban: Atonement For Congressional Members Who Support Iran Deal
“Whether you support this deal or not, we can all agree that America’s commitment to Israel remains unshakeable. And we will continue—Democrats …

Oil Search Rebuffs $8 Billion Offer From Woodside
SYDNEY, Australia — Oil Search, a Papua New Guinea natural gas … buy part of a large natural gas discovery offshore from Israel after a year of talks.

Israel plans gas pipeline to Gaza Strip
The Israeli government is evaluating a plan put forth by Qatar to build a pipeline that would supply natural gas from Israel to the Gaza Strip.

Kuwait makes large oil discovery
Kuwait has discovered large quantities of crude oil that could increase the country’s production levels …

Analysis: Fear of ISIS takeover of Jordan drives Israel to build eastern border fence
In years past, Hamas operatives from Gaza sought to enter the Sinai Peninsula, from where they would seek to infiltrate Israel in order to carry out …

After Iran deal, Obama struggles to regain Israel’s trust
Such misgivings bode poorly for Obama as he tries to repair ties with Israel in the final year of his presidency, and they would certainly complicate any …