Geology and the Bible

Israel’s Dependence

The economic and political stability of Israel, indeed, its very survival is at stake not in any small measure because of its dependence on imported oil and gas. The desire to free Israel of such dependence has opened up unexplored areas of Israel and, today more sophisticated exploration and drilling techniques than have been previously used are being utilized to assess the oil potential of those areas.

The State of Israel lies in the heart of the Middle East and is surrounded by areas in neighboring Arab countries which contain the world’s largest oil fields. These oil fields are the blessings and posterity which G-d had promised Abraham also for his son Ishmael (Genesis 17:18-20) and by Isaac’s blessing to his son Esau (Genesis 27:38-39). The genealogies of Ismael (Genesis 25:12-18) and Esau (Genesis 36) show that their descendants became the inhabitants of modern day Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries from Egypt to Iraq, Jordan to Yemen.

The State of Israel, as a member of the free world and as the only true and stable democracy in the Middle East, strives to find oil to remain independent from outside political pressures.

The Question

In 1988, the Government of Israel, acting through the government-owned Oil Exploration Investments Ltd., its affiliates and subsidiaries and geological consultants of renowned international reputation, established the hydrocarbon potential of Israel and validated the existence of significant quantities of recoverable oil and gas in the Land of Israel, similar to those contained in neighboring countries of the Middle East.

Past exploration efforts have yielded several small on-shore discoveries and the recent, significant gas fields off-shore in the Mediterranean Sea. But the “real potential” still awaits discovery!

Following continued assessment of all geological and geophysical data, renowned petroleum engineers, geologists and geophysicists continue to ask … “where is the most logical place to drill where we can be sure of ‘tapping’ those vast reservoirs of oil?”

The Answer

Yet, there is an “answer”, and it is found in the most overlooked source of geological information available to mankind today… the Bible! Archaeologists have found the Bible to be their unerring guide to hidden treasures. Therefore, what prevents geologists from utilizing the same resource as a tool to find this oil?

John Brown
Founder & CEO, Zion Oil & Gas, Inc.

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