Dr. David Jeremiah and Zion Oil in Prophecy

Dr. David Jeremiah has been giving a sermon series on the prophetic times we live in. He mentions that we are living in a time where more prophecies are being fulfilled than ever. And, he mentions how Zion Oil is playing a part in what God is doing.

Watch the short video clip where he mentions Zion Oil:

Here is the complete text of this section of the sermon:

Not only do you have the rebirth of Israel as a nation, but you have the redistribution of wealth through oil.

Each year, billions of dollars are being paid to rogue nations in the Middle East for their oil, from the coffers of this peace loving nation to the treasures of Arab nations that have openly announced their desire to destroy Israel and the United States.

After the 1948 re-founding of the nation of Israel in her ancient homeland, even Bible believing Christians often wondered what would draw the hatred and animosity of the whole world to that little nation. I remember thinking, I’ve read the Bible and the Bible says it is all going to end over there in Israel. I mean, it doesn’t make sense. This little tiny nation.

And then everybody began to realize: It’s the oil!

The Bible says that God is going to “put a hook in the jaws of the nations” (Ezekiel 38:4) and I believe that hook is going to be the oil. Oil in the Middle East will be like a magnet drawing all the nations to that focal point for the final war that will take place on this earth.

I remember reading not long ago when Golda Meir was in office, she made the comment that she was very angry with Moses. She said, “Moses led us throughout the wilderness for 40 years and plopped us down in the Middle East in the only place there is no oil!”

Some people are saying that maybe that’s not true. Perhaps oil is in Israel and the Zion Oil & Gas company is prospecting right now using the Bible to try and find the places in the Holy Land where oil might be deposited.

Watch the entire sermon by going HERE.
(Originally aired on February 10, 2018.)